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A more favorable legal regime for antitrust damages claims in the future

@LawAhead 8 min

The transposition of the EU Antitrust Damages Directive moves ahead in the process of minimal harmonisation of aspects of the procedural and substantive rules surrounding private antitrust enforcement, however many of the rules introduced are both fragmented and incomplete leaving wide room for divergences in Member States.

Tax Arbitration: The preferred solution

@LawAhead 4 min

Tax arbitration is an intricate area of law. It is therefore vital for us to understand what tax arbitration entails, its consequences, and the effects it has on the legal sector.

The case for sugar taxes

@LawAhead 8 min

If sugar is considered the new tobacco, do we have a strong case for increasing the price of added sugar or is it time to rethink food taxes altogether?

EU Member States scramble to stand up to fake news

@LawAhead 7 min

Alongside the European Union’s efforts to research, educate and raise awareness about fake news, its member states are beginning to legislate against it. Though the results to date have been far from outstanding, there are glimmers of hope on the horizon.

Back to Basics: The future of tax regimes

@LawAhead 5 min

In the fast-paced economic environment of the 21st century, many taxation regimes have strayed from the underlying principles of effective taxation policy. Now, more than ever, it is essential for governments across the globe to build policy around taxation foundations established to promote economic growth and stability.