Management, Innovation & Technology

Smart Contracts: neither contracts nor smart

6 min

While the term smart contracts may have us drawing associations with AI and machine learning, there’s no real relation between these technologies. Let’s debunk the myths of smart contracts and explain how they may be used now and in the future.

Legal Education Reimagined

6 min

Soledad Atienza recognizes the opportunities for the future of legal education and the profession.

The Liquid Lawyer | IE Law School
The Liquid Lawyer | IE Law School

The Liquid Lawyer

4 min

The shift in today’s working world is pushing corporate law to find a new normal. Corporate lawyers need to move seamlessly with this shift and take on the new profile of a liquid lawyer.

Legal design thinking for a better ecosystem

5 min

With most non-urgent legal activity having been suspended indefinitely as a result of the pandemic, the judicial system is facing a steep uphill climb. With this unprecedented digitalization of the workforce, returning to age-old methods is no longer viable; innovation is crucial.

managing legal and tech risks of remote work
managing legal and tech risks of remote work

Managing legal and tech risks of remote work

8 min

More and more employees are working remotely by the day. Against this backdrop, companies need to take the utmost care to protect employees and confidential company information. What are the IT and legal risks companies face as workers go remote?

Shaping the 21st-century lawyer

6 min

In today’s modern digital era, traditional legal practice and long-established law firms are facing constant disruption and complex challenges. Lawyers are having to change the way they think, the way they work, and the tools they use, which begs the question—what does the future look like for legal professionals? 

The not-so-alternative Alternative

7 min

The idea of going alternative is replacing everything that is traditional. In the next future, will Alternative Legal Service Providers be the norm?