Management, Innovation & Technology

The Zuckerdollar and the dominance of giant tech firms

8 min

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have so far failed to revolutionise the international payment system. Will Facebook’s Libra deliver the unfulfilled promises? Will the giant technology companies disrupt and dominate the world’s financial system?

Designing ethical AI systems: Shall AI systems provide explanations?

8 min

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our daily lives. As AI takes on a wider range of more serious responsibilities, we will have to deepen its understanding in order to avoid machine-generated errors of judgment. Many experts point to an explanatory function as the solution—is it the only answer?

Cyberattacks and cybersecurity: evolving hand-in-hand

4 min

Technological innovation is an essential aspect of today’s business reality, where financial institutions are investing in new technologies and IT security so as not to fall behind in the current digital revolution.

Blockchain in payments: a tale of unfulfilled promises

6 min

Digital currencies and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, as well as their underlying technologies distributed ledger and blockchain have so far failed to revolutionise the international payment system. Now that the hype seems to be gone, is there a future for those innovations in the payment industry?

Smart contracts: revolutionary or out of reach?

6 min

The digital flood leaves nothing untouched, and the legal field is no exception. One technological advance that has particularly interesting implications is ‘smart contracts,’ blockchain-based software programs that are making humans’ jobs easier. Experts are putting the technology under the microscope to weigh its pros and cons.

Legal practice without prejudice

3 min

As we embark on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, soft skills become increasingly important in the success of people and organizations. How much longer will lawyers who are able to design, create and manage be considered “divergent”?

The Rise and Future of Legal Project Management

7 min

Today legal consumers are calling the shots, demanding more choice, transparency, competition, price predictability, and direct access to providers. As things drastically change for law firms, Legal Project Management rises to meet the demands of modern legal practices.

Are law firms stuck in the ice age?

4 min

With the legal industry facing a challenging and rapidly changing climate, it is hugely beneficial to look back at past events to learn how we can avoid the same mistakes and gain a deeper understanding of how the industry and firms should adapt.

From cybersecurity to digital security

3 min

What is the new legal context following the approval of the new network and information systems security law that cracks down on cybersecurity guidelines in Spain?

Algorithmic Justice, Education, and the Lawyer of the Future

3 min

As we witness the unstoppable advance of machine learning and its application in more and more areas of our lives, I am more convinced each day that the future of the administration of justice will necessarily involve a high level of participation of automated algorithms in each procedural step.

Technology’s Great Promise to the Study of Law

4 min

The challenges today are not technological, but they are moral, ethical, and philosophical, and thus our legal scholars are of central importance in the interpretation of these questions.