Management, Innovation & Technology

Algorithmic Justice, Education, and the Lawyer of the Future

@LawAhead 3 min

As we witness the unstoppable advance of machine learning and its application in more and more areas of our lives, I am more convinced each day that the future of the administration of justice will necessarily involve a high level of participation of automated algorithms in each procedural step.

Demystifying and assessing AI for legal-services delivery

@LawAhead 3 min

Technology is a tool for accelerating the speed and accessibility of legal delivery, but its efficacy depends on many factors. Harnessing the potential of technology will require a cultural shift by organizations, professionals and the legal industry as a whole.

Ethical AI: Are we asking the right questions?

@LawAhead 5 min

Artificial intelligence carries with it a whole host of concerns that force us to think about our own morality. If we want to discuss the real problems and the challenges that we face with the rise of AI, let’s start by asking the hard questions.

How to turn creativity into law firm growth

@LawAhead 3 min

The increasing need for creative skills is highlighted in a growing number of studies that demonstrate a definite connection between creativity and business results. So why are these skills undervalued in law firms?