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A turbulent year for data protection | IE LawAhead
A turbulent year for data protection | IE LawAhead

A turbulent year for data protection

6 min

On Data Protection Day, we take stock of a particularly hectic year, for many reasons other than data protection, but also for what has happened regarding data protection itself. The pandemic has forced us to strike a balance between the right to data protection and other fundamental rights, such as public and individual health.

Investment Regulation in Spain during the COVID-19 Pandemic

6 min

Screening requirements introduced by the Government as a reaction to the financial crisis prompted by the COVID19 pandemic are framed on too broad terms capturing too many transactions in too many sectors and this will deter foreign investments in Spain

Are we going nowhere fast?

5 min

The complexity of the regulatory panorama won’t allow us to make concrete predictions about the future of Smart Mobility. Evaluating the different paths Smart Mobility might take, however, will allow us to prepare for its future challenges and opportunities.

The Zuckerdollar and the dominance of giant tech firms

8 min

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have so far failed to revolutionise the international payment system. Will Facebook’s Libra deliver the unfulfilled promises? Will the giant technology companies disrupt and dominate the world’s financial system?

Designing ethical AI systems: Shall AI systems provide explanations?

8 min

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our daily lives. As AI takes on a wider range of more serious responsibilities, we will have to deepen its understanding in order to avoid machine-generated errors of judgment. Many experts point to an explanatory function as the solution—is it the only answer?

Cyberattacks and cybersecurity: evolving hand-in-hand

4 min

Technological innovation is an essential aspect of today’s business reality, where financial institutions are investing in new technologies and IT security so as not to fall behind in the current digital revolution.

Blockchain in payments: a tale of unfulfilled promises

6 min

Digital currencies and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, as well as their underlying technologies distributed ledger and blockchain have so far failed to revolutionise the international payment system. Now that the hype seems to be gone, is there a future for those innovations in the payment industry?

Make a (Dis)informed vote

9 min

Being an informed voter is hard by itself. Nowadays, it is even harder with the rise of disinformation.

From cybersecurity to digital security

3 min

What is the new legal context following the approval of the new network and information systems security law that cracks down on cybersecurity guidelines in Spain?

EU Member States scramble to stand up to fake news

7 min

Alongside the European Union’s efforts to research, educate and raise awareness about fake news, its member states are beginning to legislate against it. Though the results to date have been far from outstanding, there are glimmers of hope on the horizon.