Science & Humanities

Trust: the main currency for the 21st century

5 min

Drawing upon philosophical thinking, Professor Suárez examines how we might develop skills and tools to maintain our “humanness” in an increasingly complex world and the importance of cultivating practices that produce harmony.

Legal Education Reimagined

6 min

Soledad Atienza recognizes the opportunities for the future of legal education and the profession.

The Liquid Lawyer | IE Law School
The Liquid Lawyer | IE Law School

The Liquid Lawyer

4 min

The shift in today’s working world is pushing corporate law to find a new normal. Corporate lawyers need to move seamlessly with this shift and take on the new profile of a liquid lawyer.

Legal design thinking for a better ecosystem

5 min

With most non-urgent legal activity having been suspended indefinitely as a result of the pandemic, the judicial system is facing a steep uphill climb. With this unprecedented digitalization of the workforce, returning to age-old methods is no longer viable; innovation is crucial.

Democracy may be affected after COVID-19 is over
Democracy may be affected after COVID-19 is over

Covid-19 and the threat to democracy

5 min

Around the world governments are adopting broad-ranging powers to battle COVID-19. But what will these powers mean for our democratic societies once the pandemic is over?

Are we going nowhere fast?

5 min

The complexity of the regulatory panorama won’t allow us to make concrete predictions about the future of Smart Mobility. Evaluating the different paths Smart Mobility might take, however, will allow us to prepare for its future challenges and opportunities.

Designing ethical AI systems: Shall AI systems provide explanations?

8 min

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our daily lives. As AI takes on a wider range of more serious responsibilities, we will have to deepen its understanding in order to avoid machine-generated errors of judgment. Many experts point to an explanatory function as the solution—is it the only answer?

For a more humanistic advocacy

5 min

What role does law play in our society? What capacity does a lawyer have to change people’s lives? What can humanism contribute in relation to law?

Make a (Dis)informed vote

9 min

Being an informed voter is hard by itself. Nowadays, it is even harder with the rise of disinformation.

Algorithmic Justice, Education, and the Lawyer of the Future

3 min

As we witness the unstoppable advance of machine learning and its application in more and more areas of our lives, I am more convinced each day that the future of the administration of justice will necessarily involve a high level of participation of automated algorithms in each procedural step.

Technology’s Great Promise to the Study of Law

4 min

The challenges today are not technological, but they are moral, ethical, and philosophical, and thus our legal scholars are of central importance in the interpretation of these questions.