Andorra & Gibraltar: Next-door Tax Havens of the Past?

9 min

Traditionally, tax havens were believed to be insular financial centers scattered across the Caribbean Sea. Andorra and Gibraltar, although landlocked, have long been the quintessential tax havens in Spanish popular culture. In the new-found age of tax transparency, is this perception still justified?

Tax Arbitration: The preferred solution

4 min

Tax arbitration is an intricate area of law. It is therefore vital for us to understand what tax arbitration entails, its consequences for taxpayer rights, and the effects it has on the legal sector.

The case for sugar taxes

8 min

If sugar is considered the new tobacco, do we have a strong case for increasing the price of added sugar or is it time to rethink food taxes altogether?

Back to Basics: The future of tax regimes

5 min

In the fast-paced economic environment of the 21st century, many taxation regimes have strayed from the underlying principles of effective taxation policy. Now, more than ever, it is essential for governments across the globe to build policy around taxation foundations established to promote economic growth and stability.